Technical Event Organized E-Blast 2k24

MVPS’s Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Polytechnic Department of Mechanical Engineering Celebrated the event E-Blast 2K24 on 19th March 2024.

On this occasion, Electrical Engineering Department had organized Different type of State level competition for students like:

*01) Technical Quiz Competition*:

Co-ordinated by Ms. G. P. Rikame, Ms. A. K. Pangavhane

*02) Poster making competition*:

Co-ordinated by Mrs. S. S. Lokhande, Mr. G. S. Matsagar

*03) Project competition*:

Co-ordinated by Mr. A. S. Parkhe, Mr. S. A. Aher

*04) Paper presentation*:

Co-ordinated by Ms. P. A. Shinde, Ms. S. S. Sangamnere,

Winners were awarded with certificates, trophies and Cash prizes.

Program was guided Ms. P. R. Gangurde (HOD-EE) and Prof. Prashant Patil (Principal)