“Har Gar Dhyan”


A Har Ghar Dhyan yoga program was held in association with the Central Government and Art of Living. The event aimed to promote yoga and meditation practices across the country, with the ultimate goal of creating a healthier and happier society. The program was held in a seminar hall, which was arranged for students comfort. The event was attended by Principal Prashant Patil sir, HOD of Science and Humanity department and other staff as well as representatives of Har Ghar Dhayn.  Mr. Digvijay Kharote, Mrs. Shruti Thakre, and Mrs. Surashri Ranade conducted a short meditation session, which helped the participants to relax and calm their minds. In conclusion, the Har Ghar Dhyan yoga program was a successful initiative that helped to promote the benefits of yoga to a wider audience.