Solar Powered System

  • With Increasing Demand of Electricity and Declining Availability of fossil fuels, it’s our Responsibility to use Renewable        Energy Sources for Generation of Electricity.
  • We at MVP have installed 100 KWp Solar Photovoltaic System on rooftop of College.
  • The system is installed over 10000 sq.ft area and is on grid system which generates around 400 units of electricity in a day.
  • The generated electricity is fed into the utility grid by on grid inverters (Polycab – 2 inverters of 50 kW each)

  • Following are main components of SPV SYSTEM:

    1. SOLAR PANELS (WAREE – 325 Wp, 308 panels)
    2. Structure (GI Hot dip)
    3. ON-GRID INVERTER (POLYCAB – 50 kWp, 2 Nos.)
    4. DC Cabling – from solar panels to inverter
    5. AC Cabling – from inverter to generation meter and main MCB
    6. DC Protection (Fuses & MCB)
    7. AC Protection (MCCBS)
    8. Generation meter to measure power generated by SPV
    9. NET meter (to measure import, export and net electricity consumption)
    10. Earthing and protection equipment